Conversation 8 – PAC-12 VP of Officiating David Coleman

We are honored to have the PAC-12 VP of Officiating David Coleman. Mr. Coleman has a very interesting background story which he shares with us.

He also covers his role as VP of Officiating, whose duties cover several sports.

Mr. Coleman discuss what he is looking for in officials and his whole person approach.

Even if you are not looking to move on to the PAC-12, there are a number of good points that can help you.

Quote of the Week

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Mentioned in Podcast

PAC-12 application site –¬†

Recommended book

The Anatomy of a Game: Football, the Rules, and the Men who Made the Game


4 thoughts on “Conversation 8 – PAC-12 VP of Officiating David Coleman”

  1. Excellent interview with VP David Coleman guys! So many nuggets to take away – So important to note the importance of appreciating working at the level where you are at, enjoying the ride. Sports officials are, by nature, incredibly competitive and most have the desire to work at higher levels. If we become ‘fixated’ on moving up we may not enjoy the journey like we should.

  2. It’s so nice to hear interviews and conversations with people in the football community that most officials wouldn’t have access to. Keep up the good work. Keep asking the questions we all want to hear from the people we wish we could meet.

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