Conversation 68: Offsetting and Live/Dead Ball Fouls

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Tyler and Dwayne cover rules 10.1.4 – 10.1.6. This includes enforcement of Offsetting Fouls, Dead-Ball Fouls and Live Ball-Dead Ball Fouls. They go over key concepts and provide play scenarios to help clarify the rules.

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Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday. – Sally Koch

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Play scenario of the week:

Opening kickoff of 2nd half. Surprise onside kick. A5 kicks from his 35yd line and attempts to dribble / squib the ball 10 yds.  The ball comes to rest at the A40yd line, 5 yds short of the restraining line.  Neither team attempts to recover the ball. As the ball is laying on the ground, the kicker walks up and intentionally kicks the ball again out of frustration.  As the SJ, I flag the illegal kick on the spot but did not kill the play. The ball rolls out of bounds at the A48 yd line.

Fight Song – Penn State

2 thoughts on “Conversation 68: Offsetting and Live/Dead Ball Fouls

  • Tony Smith

    I would talk the SJ off their flag and invoke rule 6-1-5 B 1/10 @ A40. I would also like R to announce “ there is no foul on the play for illegal kick, by rule the ball came to rest with no player attempting to secure the ball therefore the ball is dead and belongs to the receiving team”

    • rule11wordpress

      Because we did not see the play, we cannot comment on what we would or wouldn’t do regarding the playing being stopped. The point of the play scenario was to discuss enforcement options in the case where the official didn’t blow the play dead. The flag should have been for illegal kicking, not illegal kick.


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