Conversation 62: Gary Reed, Pac-12 Side Judge and Director of TCGFOC

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Pac-12 Side Judge and Tait-Consul-Griffith Football Officiating Camp director, Gary Reed joins to discuss a variety of topics. Gary was the 1st Rule 11 Podcast guest and he returns to talk about the camp, his Pac-12 experience and mentoring.

Quote of the Week

This is the moment I accept the most challenging times will always be behind me and in front of me. – Kobe Bryant

Mentioned on the Show

Scouting Report Template

Fight Song – Oklahoma

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3 thoughts on “Conversation 62: Gary Reed, Pac-12 Side Judge and Director of TCGFOC

  • Dana Woods

    Great job from a great guy. This camp is a viable asset to officiating.

  • Sabrina Isom


    Tyler is it possible that you can share your scouting sheet that Gary provided to you? I sometimes have to scout and would like to know what format you use. I do not have a standard one for you.

    Great job you guys are doing and continue the great work. I listen to the podcasts at work and love the conversations.

  • Tyler C. Olsen


    Thank you for your support and interest. What we can do is add the Excel Document to the web-page as a downloadable link. I will say it will be in the Gary Reed show notes in the next couple days. Just keep in mind that i will keep my last Scouting Report in tacked so you can see what the inputs are as i use them. Just cut the photos of the coaches and the School logo and insert the appropriate photos as you edit yours. If you have an questions, feel free to email me.




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