Conversation 58: Season 2 Recap

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A look back at some of the highlights of season. Take a listen to some of the more interesting clips from Season 2.

Fight Song – Michigan

4 thoughts on “Conversation 58: Season 2 Recap

  • Kevin Gholston

    First year listening but I’m all caught up. Thanks guys! You all are awesome! I’m making a small donation to help with your expenses because I enjoy listening to you and your guest. I’m learning and this is another tool I use to learn. I need to replace my backpack. I’ve use the same back pack for 10 years and it’s time to replace it. I’m willing to buy a “Rule 11” back pack. Please tell me how. Thanks again and I’ll be waiting for you next season. Have a great year.

    • rule11wordpress

      Hi Kevin, welcome to the podcast. Thank for the contribution, its very much appreciated.

      Unfortunately we don’t have any merchandise at this time. If we decide to offer items for sale in the future we’ll let you know. Something to ponder in the “podcast offseason”

  • David “Moose” S

    Kevin – great idea. I too would purchase merchandise if it was available. Looking forward to that idea coming to fruition.

    Tyler and Dwayne – I appreciate the effort you’ve put towards these shows for two years now. Cycling through them all multiple times in preparation for the 2019 season. Good luck to you both this year “on the road towards the perfect game.”

    • rule11wordpress

      Thanks Moose! Have a great season!


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