Conversation 57: Big XII Referee Mike Defee

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Big XII Referee Mike Defee joins us to discuss a variety of subjects that can help officials at all levels. Take a listen to the numerous insights in this conversation.

Topics include:

  • Career overview
  • Leadership style
  • Setting the tone/expectations for the crew
  • Balancing family/football/work
  • Advice for officials at all levels

Quote of the Week

Do or Do Not. There is no try – Yoda


One thought on “Conversation 57: Big XII Referee Mike Defee

  • Juan Puentes

    As a young official, listening to conversations between officials who are at a higher level really helps with understandingthe mental aspect of how to approach the game. A lot of gems dropped by Mike Defee during this episode on how to stay focused not only with officiating but also in our everyday lives. Great episode! Thanks fellas


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