Conversation 53: Rule 5.1 – A Series: Started, Broken, Renewed

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Tyler and Dwayne discuss Section 1 of Rule 5; breaking down this short but vital set of rules.

Quote of the Week
β€œTo handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Fight Song – Boston College

2 thoughts on “Conversation 53: Rule 5.1 – A Series: Started, Broken, Renewed

  • David “Moose” S.

    Dwayne, you said you couldn’t think of a situation where “an accepted penalty awards a team the ball” and they get a new series. How about this:

    “A 1/10 @ the A-25. QB A7 (7 for Tyler) receives the snap from shotgun formation. He throws a pass that is intercepted by B22 at the A-35. B22 returns the ball to the A-15, where he is hit by A-29 and fumbles. A-88 recovers the ball while grounded. During B22’s return, A-81 blocked B-33 below the waist at the A-19.”

    So we have an A-B-A situation with A in legal recovery at the end of the down. However, B will accept that penalty and due to 5-2-4, B is awarded the ball after enforcement. Short question – is 5-2-4 an example of 5-1-1-e-3 within itself?

  • David “Moose” S.

    Scratch that. Doesn’t fit the context of 5-1-1-e because it’s not awarded to the team IN legal possession at the end of the down.

    Love the show, guys. I appreciate what you’re doing for football and you’ve been instrumental in my improvement this offseason. Keep it up!


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