Conversation 39: Touching Rules

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Tyler and Dwayne discuss rules related to touching of a scrimmage kick and touching during a pass play.

Topics include

  • Touching during a scrimmage kick
  • Touching behind/beyond the neutral zone
  • Illegal touching during scrimmage kick
  • Illegal touching during pass plays
  • Touching by kicking team in B’s end zone
  • Eligibility gained or regained

Quote of the Week
Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle – John Acuff

Fight Song – Wake Forest

One thought on “Conversation 39: Touching Rules

  • Dave Rittman

    Men, excellent discussion on these topics! As a deep wing, (or for any position), touching and eligibility can be difficult to sort through on the field. You fellas broke these situations down into digestible bites! I was able to eat and not choke! Well done!! Keep it up!!


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