Conversation 38: Basic Spot Focus – 10.2.2.d.2 and 8.5.1 exception

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In this conversation, Tyler and Dwayne focus on finding the basic spot in a specific case: Running plays when the run ends in the end zone after a change of team possession (10.2.2.d.2). This includes the momentum exception (8.5.1 exception)

We hope to clarify these often confusing set of rules with some play scenarios.

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4 thoughts on “Conversation 38: Basic Spot Focus – 10.2.2.d.2 and 8.5.1 exception

  • Pete News

    Guys on the last question of the int in the ez and the fumble with the hold at the 14. I believe the foul would be enforced from the recovery point which i think was the 5. Am i correct? I don’t believe it can be a safety unless the foul was in the end zone?

  • rule11wordpress

    Hi Pete,
    Here is the question that I believe you’re referring to:
    A 3/10 @ B-32. A1 throws a pass that is intercepted in the back of the end zone by B22. As B22 is running around the trying to escape, B55 is flagged for holding at the B-14. B22 fumbles the ball from the endzone into the field of play. The ball is recovered at the B-5 by B55 and is declared dead there.

    What is the basic spot? The foul occurs during the run after the interception. The result of the play is NOT a touchback. All the criteria for 10.2.2.d.2.c are met, so the basic spot is the goal line.
    Based on the 3 and 1 principle, “when the team in possession commits a foul beyond the basic spot, the penalty is enforced from the basic spot” (the goal line in this case).
    AR 10.2.2.XV is similar play with an A foul. But it shows where the basic spot is.

    Let us know if this doesn’t make sense.

  • B. Brown

    Listening to the “Basic Spot” podcast, and you guys mentioned putting information in(to) the “show notes” (area), where are the show notes located/where can I find the show notes?

    • rule11wordpress

      Show notes are on the website. Go to the episode and the show notes will be at the bottom. “Mentioned on the show”


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