Conversation 37: 22nd Upper Midwest Collegiate Football Officials Clinic

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Rick Kruger and Brian Boche (rhymes with Hockey) manage the Upper Midwest Collegiate Football Officials Clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota, B1G country.

Listen and learn about this great, inexpensive clinic including the on and off field opportunities to learn and get better.

NOTE: Around the 28 minute mark, we censored a short part of the conversation in order to conceal the identity of a potential upcoming guest.

Quote Of the Week

Everyone ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose – Andy Stanley

Mentioned on the show:

Twitter: @reffootballtalk  (great video clips pertaining to officiating)

Facebook page (ZebraCombat) (application can be found here)

Injury Prevention w/Coach Sean Robbins


Fight Song – Weber State University

One thought on “Conversation 37: 22nd Upper Midwest Collegiate Football Officials Clinic

  • Jill Caggiano

    Another great show with Rick & Brian. It was especially awesome to hear a gentleman with an unfortunate situation regarding his health can find some connection and joy listening to you every week, Dwayne and Tyler. Keep up the good work. There are many factors to your podcast. The officiating rules mostly but the personal side to your conversations always helps a listener to want to connect with Rule 11 officials each week. Thanks.


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