Conversation 35: Rule Study Guidelines and Tips

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Looking for some ideas on how to study the rules? Tyler and Dwayne provide some tips to help you create your rule study plan and prepare for upcoming rules exams.

Topics include

  • Different types learners
  • Creating goals and creating a study plan
  • Rogers Redding Guide
  • Dickson Study Method
  • Hybrid Method
  • Making Rule Study more Interesting
  • Study Groups

Quote Of the Week

A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow – Gen George S. Patton

Mentioned on the Show:

Ryan Dickson Study Method

6 thoughts on “Conversation 35: Rule Study Guidelines and Tips

  • Andrew Jones

    Great show as always guys. You mentioned the test you all wrote for your association. Could you make that available?

    • rule11wordpress

      Hey Andrew,

      Thank you for the comment. We will start putting out rules quizzes in March. We generally release one quiz per month. The one we referred to in the podcast is a few years old, so we may not make that available.

  • Jill Griffith

    The study habits you were both able to impart to your listeners seemed very helpful. Both Dwayne and Tyler expressed different styles of studying and test taking etc that will make the entire process more fun and etched in ones mind. Great job guys. JG.

    • rule11wordpress

      Thanks Jill!

  • Tony F.

    This was timely and super helpful. I am a new candidate and just started reading the rule book. I also have my first offseason rules study group meeting next week and we were given a 30 question quiz beforehand. I definitely struggled with it and know I made mistakes. Between this episode and the one where you break the questions down, I am much more prepared.

    • rule11wordpress

      Hi Tony,

      We’re glad you’re finding the podcasts useful. Its good to make mistakes early in the year so you know what areas you need to focus on. The ones we get wrong usually stick with us the longest.

      Keep grinding and let us know if we can help.


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