Conversation 23 – Free Kick Rules (Fair catch/KCI)

Tyler and Dwayne discuss rules surrounding fair catch and kick catch interference during free kicks.

The new fair catch rule on free kicks has some surprising complexity to it. We hope this conversation will help in your understanding of this rule.

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2 thoughts on “Conversation 23 – Free Kick Rules (Fair catch/KCI)

  • Michael Bilica

    Why does 6-5-1-a supercede 6-5-1-b? You gave a couple of caseplays where the ball was muffed but subsequently caught, which should invoke 6-5-1-b, but considered the location of the catch to be where it was eventually caught. When the B-25 is not involved, the location where the kick is first touched by the signaler is the location of the fair catch. Why is that not the case in your examples? I think if the signaler touches at the B-27 and subsequently catches at the B-24, 6-5-1-b applies and the ball goes back to the B-27. On the other hand, I think if the reverse happens, and the signaler first touches the kick at the B-25 and subsequently catches at the B-27, it should go back to the B-24: where 6-5-1-a would be invoked and the ball would be placed at the B-25. I can’t locate anything in the rulebook or ARs to determine which is correct.

    • rule11wordpress

      Michael thanks for the comment. As we mentioned in our conversation, that is “our” interpretation of the rule; absent any ARs or clarification. There will surely be more clarification on this over the next couple of months. Stay tuned.


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