2020 Rules Exchange

The play scenarios and answers from the 2020 Rules Exchange will be added here.  If you have any questions or need clarification please email us at rule11officials@gmail.com

Play Scenarios & Answers


1.  A 1/10 at the B-25.  During the first possession series of Overtime, QB A12 throws a forward pass to A1 at the B-5.  B1 intercepts the pass at the B-5 and returns it for an apparent touchdown.  The HL has a flag down for an illegal formation by Team A and the U has a flag down for a block below the waist by B2 at the A-20 prior to B1 scoring.  
No score for Team B.  The fouls will cancel, and the down is not replayed.  
Team A’s possession series is over, and Team B will snap the ball at the 25 
(3-1-3-g-2 and 3-1-3-g-3).
2.  The score is A17-B20.  Neither team has any timeouts.  During the previous play, A22 is tackled inbounds at the B-4 making it A 4/Goal @ B-4.  0:13 remain in the 4th quarter when A22 is tackled.  Team A rushes the field goal team on to the field.  Team B attempts to match the substitution, but B76, the 12th player, is two steps from the sideline in an attempt to get off the field.  Team A’s field goal is good as time expires.  Team B’s head coach is upset that he was not given an opportunity to substitute and throws his headset on to the field.
Team B is properly not given an opportunity to match up for a last second field goal attempt (2019 CCA Other Substitution Provisions, 
page 56 or AR 3-5-2-VIII). Illegal substitution against Team B (3-5-2 live ball foul – IR Case Book Mechanics “Twelve men on the field” bullet 2). 
Dead Ball UNS against Team B’s coach, his first of the game (9-2-1-a-1). 

Team A has two options, and both should be presented to the Team A Head Coach. 

1) Decline Team B’s illegal substitution foul, accept the score, and enforce Team B’s UNS in the 1st series of overtime. 
Depending on who wins the toss it will either be 1/10 at the 12.5 or 1/10 at the 40. or 

2) Accept both the illegal substitution foul and the UNS against Team B, negate the score, and have an untimed down A 1/Goal @ B1 (3-2-3-a-1). 
The UNS foul by the Team B head coach would result in a first down for Team A and not a replay of 4th down.


1. A 1/10 at the 50. A1 takes the handoff around the left end. A5 is blocking downfield at the B-20, falls down and while on the ground, kicks his leg up and trips defender B1. A1 is tackled at the B-10.

A 1/10 at the B-35. A5 commits a foul for tripping (9-1-2-c). This foul will be enforced per the Three and One principle from the spot of the foul as it occurs 
behind the end of the run / basic spot (10-2-2-c-1). It will still be 1st down for Team A, as they made the LTG, even after enforcement of their foul for tripping (5-1-1-b).

2. Team A Kickoff at the A-35. B1 catches the kick at the B-5 and heads up field. As he is avoiding tacklers, he stumbles and his right hand/wrist touches the ground and the ball pops out. The ball is recovered by A1 at the B-22. The on-field officials award the ball to Team A.

A 1/10 at the B-22, snap. Per the 2019 CCA Manual (Pg 31 Miscellaneous #1 and Fumble Philosophies #1), the wrist is considered part of the hand and therefore by rule (4-1-3-b) 
B1 is not legally down when his right hand/wrist touched the ground. B1 fumbles the ball (2-11-1) and the ball is legally recovered by A1 and properly awarded by 
the on-field officials to Team A. This play is reviewable for those using Replay (12-3-3).



1. A 4/2 at the B-22. 4th Quarter with 1:15 remaining. Team A is down by 6 points. A14 controls the snap from center A65. A14 then scrambles to his right, is hit and fumbles at the B-23. While the ball is loose at the B-24, A23 recovers the ball and begins running. The officials blow the ball dead, just as B56 grabs and twists the facemask of A23 at the B-20 as he is trying to make the tackle.

2. A 2/4 at the B-12. In a shotgun formation, A12 takes the snap and drops back to pass. WR A88 is matched up in press coverage against B9. WR 88, with a quick step, beats B9 to the outside. While in the pocket and still holding onto the ball, QB A12 looks at A88 and sees B9 grab and take a step away from A88 and then turns his attention to the other side of the field throwing the ball to A81 near the endline. A81 firmly catches the ball and attempts to get his left foot down inbounds. The BJ rules touchdown. FJ and LJ both have flags down for DH by B9. Replay has clear video evidence that A81’s left foot is out of bounds.