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We started Rule 11 officials to help college football officials stay engaged.  After producing our first preseason quiz and seeing its popularity, we realized that there might be a need for other methods to receive information about officiating.

We also realized that we were always having conversations about officiating; with each other and with more seasoned, knowledgeable officials.  Why not record and share those conversations with others?  That's how the Rule 11 idea was born.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support what we are trying to do.

We're in this together!

-Rule 11 staff

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Thanks to Rule 11 Officials and Byron Adams for the podcast on the The Tom Beard Clinic. It is a first class event and I look forward to it returning to ASU in Tempe AZ in 2020... Keep up the great work, Rule 11 Officials!

- David Coleman VP Officiating, Pac-12 Conference

As a new college football official, I have found that this podcast is extremely helpful in breaking down both barriers and rules. The guests they bring on to the show as well as how they discuss their experiences, which are very similar to mine, are fantastic.

- J. Rosiek

Thank you for the great amount of effort you put in to provide this resource. This, along with independent/group rules study, keeps things fresh on my mind over the off-season. Keep up the content, especially the guest speakers! Thanks again!

- J. Raymer

I got a late start on your podcasts, but listened to all of them in a couple of weeks! Been spreading the word in Texas and y’all have some big fans here. Thanks for all you do. 

- D. Lord

If you want to improve yourself, these conversations are the ones you'd likely be having throughout the offseason but can't always find happening.... 

- T. Zyph

Latest Podcasts

Conversation 50: Ball Declared Dead

June 16, 2019

Conversation number 50!  In this conversation we discuss instances when the ball is declared dead. We also have a ruling from Steve Shaw that provides clarity to a controversial play scenario. Quote of the Week Everything gets harder if you start going on and on about how hard it is – N.D. Wilson Fight Song – USC

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Conversation 49: 10 Second Subtraction Rules

June 11, 2019

Brent Baumann joins us to break down 10 second subtraction rules.  Although these situations don’t often occur, it is imperative that we get it right in this crucial part of the game. Topics include: Background on the rule 4 categories of 10 second subtractions Discussion and play scenarios of each category The role of communication Quote of the Week:  “Not […]

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Conversation 048 – Pre-game & Film Review with Mountain West Referee Michael VanderVelde

May 26, 2019

Mountain West Referee, Michael VanderVelde joins us for Conversation 48.  He provides some insights into pre-game meetings and game film review. Conversation includes: Learning play from previous season Goal of pregame meetings Pregame meeting format Grading game film Correction on the Virtual Clinic date. Its June 15th. Not July.  Time TBD: Quote of the Week “He who has a why […]

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Conversation 47: Replay 101: Reviewable Pass Plays

May 19, 2019

PAC-12 Replay Communicator and former national championship Referee, Terry Leyden joins us on this episode.  He discusses his transition from the field to the replay booth and breaks down reviewable passing plays. Topics include: Terry’s career path. Challenges transitioning from Referee to Replay Replay communicator duties Rules discussion: Reviewable pass plays Quote of the Week “The most dangerous poison is […]

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Conversation 46: MFOA Co-Coordinators John O’Neill and Tom Fiedler

May 12, 2019

B1G Referee John O’Neill returns to the podcast with Tom Fiedler.  Together they are co-coordinators for the Midwest Football Officials Alliance (MFOA).  Listen to learn more about their fantastic officiating program. Topics include Overview of the MFOA Tasks of coordinators The COC “stack”, and where the MFOA fits in. Training and Feedback Crew make up Recruitment of officials Quote of […]

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Conversation 45: PAC-12 Umpire Roscoe Meisenheimer

April 28, 2019

Roscoe Meisenheimer is a PAC-12 Umpire who has had a lot of success on the field.  He shares with us a recent humbling experience that caused him to take fresh look and challenge himself to do better. Conversation includes: Path to the PAC-12 Learning play from last season Working with a CJ (how has it changed the Umpire position) Overcoming […]

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Conversation 44: Replay 101 – Scoring Plays

April 21, 2019

In this conversation we begin to discuss rules surrounding Instant Replay and reviewable plays; specifically Scoring Plays. Topics include: Reviewable plays when there is a potential touchdown Pylon plays Reviewable plays when there is a potential for a safety Plays involving field goals Quote of the Week Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you – […]

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Conversation 43: Miscellaneous Discussion

April 14, 2019

In this episode, Tyler and Dwayne discuss a few officiating related topics.  We get back to the original premise for the podcast by simply having a conversation with each other about officiating Quote of the Week Oppportunity looks a lot like hard work – Ashton Kuchar Fight Song – LSU

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