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As a new college football official, I have found that this podcast is extremely helpful in breaking down both barriers and rules. The guests they bring on to the show as well as how they discuss their experiences, which are very similar to mine, are fantastic.

- J. Rosiek

Thank you for the great amount of effort you put in to provide this resource. This, along with independent/group rules study, keeps things fresh on my mind over the off-season. Keep up the content, especially the guest speakers! Thanks again!

- J. Raymer

I got a late start on your podcasts, but listened to all of them in a couple of weeks! Been spreading the word in Texas and y’all have some big fans here. Thanks for all you do. 

- D. Lord

If you want to improve yourself, these conversations are the ones you'd likely be having throughout the offseason but can't always find happening.... 

- T. Zyph

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Latest Podcasts

Conversation 37: 22nd Upper Midwest Collegiate Football Officials Clinic

February 16, 2019

Rick Kruger and Brian Boche (rhymes with Hockey) manage the Upper Midwest Collegiate Football Officials Clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota, B1G country. Listen and learn about this great, inexpensive clinic including the on and off field opportunities to learn and get better. NOTE: Around the 28 minute mark, we censored a short part of the conversation in order to conceal the […]

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Conversation 36: QwikRef with founder Rusty Acree

February 10, 2019

QwikRef has become a vital tool used by officials, supervisors and coaches in most of the conferences across the country. Rusty Acree is the founder and he joins us to provide unique insight into QwikRef. Topics include: How and why QwikRef was born? Features of QwikRef Who are the users of QwikRef? Where do suggestions for improvements come from? Quote of […]

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Conversation 35: Rule Study Guidelines and Tips

February 3, 2019

Looking for some ideas on how to study the rules? Tyler and Dwayne provide some tips to help you create your rule study plan and prepare for upcoming rules exams. Topics include Different types learners Creating goals and creating a study plan Rogers Redding Guide Dickson Study Method Hybrid Method Making Rule Study more Interesting Study Groups Quote Of the […]

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Conversation 34: Sports Officials Tax Guide co-author Keith Vincent, CPA

January 27, 2019

Warning:  We had technical difficulties during the recording of this episode.  The sound quality is degraded. CPA Keith Vincent is the co-author of the Sports Officials Tax Guide from Referee Magazine. In this conversation, Keith provides some tips and guidance regarding sports officials’ taxes.  There is some great information in this conversation. Topics include: Employee vs Independent contractor How Income […]

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Conversation 33: Big XII Rookie Season and Email Rules Exchange

January 20, 2019

In the 2nd episode of season 2, Big XII Head-LineJudge John Braun returns to discuss his rookie season in the Big XII.  He also discusses the upcoming Email Rules Exchange that he manages. Topics includes Differences between Mountain West and Big XII Lessons learned #1 goal for line of scrimmage officials The Email Rules Exchange Quote of the Week A […]

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Conversation 32: Goal Setting and Planning For Success

January 13, 2019

If you want to really achieve your goals, setting them is just the beginning.  In the first episode of Season 2, Tyler and Dwayne discuss goal setting and ways to ensure that you actually achieve those goals. Remember, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. Topics Include: Why we set goals How to create SMART goals How to […]

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Conversation 31 – Handling Adversity

October 21, 2018

In this bonus episode,  Tyler and Dwayne discuss the various types of adversity that officials deal with and offer up a few ways to handle them. Topics include: Different types of adversity In-game vs Post-game How you can help crew mates Quote of the Week To try to run away from suffering is not wise. To stay with it, to […]

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Conversation 30 – Season 1 Recap

August 19, 2018

In this final episode of the season, Tyler and Dwayne look back at the first season and discuss some of the conversations and guests We also touch on our plans for Season 2 Thank you to all of our guests for taking the time to give back to officiating Thank you to all of the listeners who have helped this […]

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